Seven Unexpected Ways Vet Practice Management Can Make Your Life Better

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I Have to talk Darin about vet practice management that but that is really really cool so we have that and let’s start enjoying this book I am super excited like first of all look at all oh my gosh that is sweet the black and white art of the book and it’s really cool but what I’m like fancying over is all the coins look at all the different coins from everywhere oh my gosh there’s a flag on here love fly a flag answer as fave is that like my favorite bytes it’s up there along with Gardenia and let’s see if there’s anyone else.

I see there’s obviously Chukka pike oh yeah that is really cool more Japanese now that we won the Japanese Word I don’t understand we’ll just look at the pretty pictures that’s what we’re gonna do that’s cool so it explains the era of the different sets that is really awesome okay so oh I see so October So that’s when a card game was officially released was in October was basic and we got ours in I Believe we got I believe and I think it was eggs I’m Pretty sure and then in there was no and then they had a set called e Reader which I’m going to show you which is really really cool because.

Reader was interesting because on the cards was a little bar code and with your Game Boy Advance there’s a little machine that you could buy and scan actually likes like credit card slide the Pokemon card and it will give you details about that Pokemon which is really cool so as you can see it’s on the bottom you can’t really see it really well but there’s like extra you see.